An entry for Beansjam '22.

Theme: "Wir müssen wach bleiben" / "We have to stay awake"

After acquiring a strange artifact, terrible nightmares start whenever you close your eyes. Amidst them, a monolith keeps appearing. You feel driven to deliver the artifact to the monolith, and you have a feeling you know where to find it. 


All art is placeholder, and generated using the Stable Diffusion AI. The plan to have an artist on board to replace it didn't work out. Same goes for sound, there isn't any :)

Game is still pretty unbalanced and devoid of content, as I had only one afternoon to work on it. It should still be possible to play it to one of multiple endings. Unfortunately that means no items to find and use, no multiple paths up the mountain, no minigames instead of just clicking buttons, and very few events.

Mobile support also had to be cut, which is kind of sad because the type of game would fit quite well.


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Ich finde eure generierten Bilde klasse! Wie seid ihr die Begriffsauswahl angegangen?

Relativ straight forward, und aus Zeitgründen auch sehr primitiv. Direkt bei und beispielsweise sowas wie "a campfire in an arctic snowscape, rough concept art, eerie, dark", und dann so 2-3 mal generiert bis etwas gutes dabei war.

Mein eigentlich geplanter artist (shout-out an mutable-noise 😁) hätte mit wahrscheinlich wesentlich bessere Ergebnisse erzielt, hat leider zeitlich nicht geklappt.